WOKE: An Editorial Commentary

As a Floridian, I’ve been shocked at the Right-wing direction that my home-state has taken, driven by Governor Ron DeSantis, in his pitch to become the GOP nominee for President in 2024. His recent attack on the culturally trending concept of being “WOKE” has become his fight flag for campaigns and fund-raising, which he also uses as Red-meat Click-Bait to his followers online (I’m on his email list).

This shit drives me to action as an artist, and inspired me to design a visual response on the concept of cultural and personal awareness as defined currently by the term “woke”.

Created with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop (for the glow effect, which I could have done in Illustrator, but preferred to handle ‘faster” with Photoshop in terms of adjusting colors on the fly with Photoshops tools.)

Visual definition of the phrase "WOKE", by Jeffrey Wiener of Dangerous Media Productions.

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