How to HIRE a DIGITAL PRO for Social Media: TIPS

I wanted to broadcast this ANSWER to a question about hiring Social Media professionals. It should apply to ANYONE.

The JOB of a Creative Professional is to step into the shoes of the client, to understand the client’s customer base, and what triggers their online behavior. Who are they? Where are your customers coming from? What compels them to CLICK on your branded content?

It IS possible to develop a solid, trusting relationship with a Digital Vendor… IF you ask the right questions. The relationship cannot rely on promises or high expectations. There should be a capped monthly budget, which allows for a steady pace of content posting based on an accurate SEO strategy. There should – of course – be a rubric in place for measurement of ROI, which should be REALISTIC. And, ALL parties should see and analyze the results along the way to maintain perspective and adjust tactics. 

Most importantly, agree on an hourly rate or a flat fee that the client and vendor can feel comfortable with. Realize that it actually takes years of follow through to fully optimize those posts. Play by Google’s Rules. Always. I’ve been working with my clients for decades on this constantly moving target, and I can assure you, nothing happens overnight unless you pay Google for it or use attractive, nearly naked models.

FINALLY… Have you tried CHATGBT to write your product descriptions or service-related posts for you? It can save everyone time. Consider it as part of the team, work it into the process generating draft content. Just make sure to proof it for technical errors.

I hope that helps everyone here!

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