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Dangerous Media is a Digital Art, Design and Production company developing original Content for online Marketing and Advertising. We specialize in creating illustrations, Animated GIFs, Animated Videos, and Visual Designs that excite, engage, and motivate user interaction.

As you can see here, we build HTML5 Websites from scratch. We also build websites with WordPress and set up branded Shopify Stores. We offer Google AdWords and Facebook/Instagram Advertising services, setting up and running advertising campaigns on behalf of our clientele that drive traffic and sales.

If you're an Entrepreneur building a new brand, we can handle your needs while you build out your own staff. Think of us as a powerful Ad Agency packed into a small container. Feel free to call us at 212 666 6372 to discuss your project. Follow Us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. Learn more about Creative Director Jeffrey Wiener on LinkedIn

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