Animated Artworks

Communicating complicated ideas with captivating motion graphics will leave a lasting impression on your viewers. Dangerous Media creates artistic graphics and animations that make viewers say “WOW”.

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Friends of Virgin Islands

Founded in 1988, Friends of Virgin Islands National Park is the official philanthropic partner of the Park.  The Friends assists and advises the National Park Service in assuring the Park’s unique terrestrial and marine resources are protected, the Virgin Island’s cultural treasures in the Park are preserved, and visitors and community are connected to their Park through volunteerism, education, and advocacy. Dangerous Media has produced several projects for this favorite client, including this animation produced for a fund-raising event after two major hurricanes.

TV Series: Watching the Eye of God

Dangerous Media produced this political animation after the attack on the World Trade Center. As a New York City-based business, this terrorist event had a huge affect on the residents of this city, including the creative director Jeffrey Wiener, who was in the vicinity of the World Trade Center when it was attacked on September, 11, 2001.

Commander Bush and the Last Crusade

This animated political commercial was produced for a competition organized by as a protest to the war in Iraq. The judges included Michael Moore. This Dangerous Media Productions submission was one of the semi-finalists. The winning video was broadcast on CNN.

The Sacrifice of Isaac

This animated artwork was developed as a personal piece by creative director Jeffrey Wiener. The work is a statement about Tribalism and Religion. It is set in Jerusalem, with a view of holy sites to Muslims, Jews and Christian faiths. It was built using Adobe Flash.

Watching the Fireworks at the Fat Lady Cafe on the 4th of July

This animation was produced on an iPad, with the app Procreate. The drawing took 2 hours to create, live during the course of dinner and fireworks afterwards.

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