Consumer & B2B Promotions

Dangerous Media offers guerilla-style video and animation services to help brands sell their products and services on Social Media. We handle the entire media production end-to-end.

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Dangerous Media has developed 15 year’s worth of digital media assets to in order to promote their brand on social media – like their Facebook page – where their customers are aggregated. Utilizing animated videos with simple graphics allows us to create many iterations of the messaging at low cost.

Dangerous Media Productions supplied marketing and advertising services to, a well-known online financial stock trading brand. We were developing a lot of interactive Flash Ads for our clients at the time (2000-2010) and these two are among our favorites.

Castro Convertibles: YouTube Video Ads

Dangerous Media Productions provided almost ten years of support for the trusted furniture brand Castro Convertibles, an online seller of convertible furniture. We provided website design, website maintenance, print and web advertising design and video production.

AmeriMerchant Credit Card Services

Dangerous Media Productions was an early adopter of FLASH animation, even before it was purchased by Adobe. Utilizing the platform’s light-weight structure for carrying media assets, and easy-to-program interactive features allowed us to start running longer-form messages for our clients without impacting the load-time for the ad unit. This was one of our early efforts for the B2B Credit Card services company AmeriMerchant.

Halstead Properties

Dangerous Media Productions provided marketing support to Halstead Properties founder Clark Halstead, who had several gorgeous properties that we helped him promote for rental.

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