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GreenDreams.US Products

Dangerous Media Creative Director Jeffrey Wiener created a series of illustrations for Earth/Climate-themed website. Working on the iPad with the APP Procreate, these illustrations have been applied to T-Shirts, Mugs, Tote Bags and other printable gift ideas.

Illustrations: iPad Artwork

AquaPro Systems' "AQUAPRO MAN"

AquaPro Systems is a distributer of pool pumps, heating systems and maintenance supplies in the southeastern U.S. This HALO-Superhero inspired Comic Concept was developed into a social media campaign aimed at the owners of pools on Facebook.

Illustrations: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

NYTimes OpEd Commission

In 1989, Dangerous Media Creative Director Jeffrey Wiener was commissioned to create OppArt (Opinion Art) to accompany an editorial piece about the economic conditions of working Americans for the New York Times Opinion page (On the Paper Trail of the Class of '72, July 22, 1989, NYTimes). In the pre-digital, no-Internet world of 1980's publishing, the "rush order" took three days of intense drawing to finish and hand-deliver by the deadline to The New York Times offices in mid-town Manhattan. Once published, the artwork was returned to the artist and it is exhibited on occasion in shows.

Illustration: Pencil

National Science Foundation

This series of posters was developed for the National Science Foundation, as part of a package of classroom experiments developed in partnership with Scholastic Magazine. Science themes on display here include "People and Watersheds", "Mapping the Ocean Floor", and "Tracks in Nature". Each artwork was created on 18" x 24" archival paper, using acrylic paints and and colored pencils.

Illustrations: Acrylic

A&E Media Brochures

This series of illustrations were developed for the Arts & Entertainment Network (A&E) as part of a series of media brochures designed to showcase their content and demographics. "Dinosaur!", narrated by Walter Cronkite, was a huge hit at that time (Smithsonian Mag), and this large illustration (24" x 48") was created on illustration board with monochromatic acrylic paint. The illustration for "Neighborhoods" was created on illustration board with pencil and india ink.

Illustrations: Acrylic, India Ink

"Money Bag"

This pencil drawing illustration was commissioned by Tropic Magazine (Publisher, Miami Herald) for an article on professional soccer players.

Illustration: Pencil

"The History of Art"

This pen drawing was one of my first business cards in 1983 when I started my career as an illustrator after college.

Illustration: Pen on paper

"Polo: Eat the Planet"

This illustration was created to express the problems with unchecked Capitalism. Drawn using Adobe Photoshop.

Illustration: Adobe Photoshop


This iPad drawing was created for an unpublished article on the increase of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes as global warming increases.

Illustration: iPad Artwork

"The Face of Time"

This acrylic painting was created for an unpublished article on aging.

Illustration: Acrylic on paper


This watercolor illustration of the space shuttle taking off was created for Tropic Magazine (Publisher, Miami Herald).

Illustration: Watercolor on paper

"Cashier at BurgerKing"

This small acrylic painting of a Burger King cashier was commissioned for the BurgerKing Corporation's in-house corporate magazine. It was one of my first freelance illustration assignments after grduating from Florida State University in 1983.

Illustration: Acrlylic on paper