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Client: VidaCura
This Promotional Video was produced to promote VidaCura's business development aimed at disabled travelers headed to Orlando. The video was promoted heavily on Facebook.

Client: Active Properties
This YouTube Video was produced to promote Active Properties real estate brokerage firm's brand in Boulder, CO. The video was promoted heavily on Facebook.

Client: Artist Leah Poller
This documentary style video was produced on behalf of the accomplished female sculptor Leah Poller, edited together from clips and interviews sent in from several sources.

Client: Young Mind Interactive
KICKSTARTER VIDEO - An educational game designed for mobile devices that teaches kids about the solar system. Video produced to help client promote KickStarter Campaign.

Client: Reach the World
GeoGames - A fabulously fun Flash game that lets you drag-and-drop geographic features onto the Planet Earth. You can rotate your planet, test your geography skills, build a map and print a copy when you are done! There’s a timer, so you can track your scores.

Client: TheGreatNude.TV
Exhibition Review ("Amen: A Prayer for the World") recorded at St. John the Devine Cathedral, New York City. One of many videos produced for this client.

Client: TheStreet.com
TheStreet.com hired Dangerous Media to help fulfill a large integrated marketing campaign that included many components. In addition, Dangerous Media produced these EARLY 30-second Flash Animations that ran in Yahoo's Finance Channel, promoting TheStreet.com.

30 Second FLASH Commercials for Yahoo Finance Channel (Click to Play)

Client: Clinilabs
CliniLabs commissioned Dangerous Media to produce an informative animation for business development purposes. This was featured on the company website for over ten years.

Client: Web Position Gold SEO
WebPositionGold is an SEO management service that commissioned Dangerous Media to produce this animation to explain SEO to potential Business-to-Business Customers.

Client: AquaPro Systems
AquaPro Systems markets pool hardware through pool dealerships nationwide. They wanted a video to help define their brand on the home page. Video shot on location in Tampa, Florida.




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