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Content Marketing: Living Well Stores

For over ten years, Dangerous Media has provided design production and marketing support to Living Well Stores, a brand that caters to consumers of mobility scooters and medical supplies.

Among the services we provide to Living Well Stores, we designed the eCommerce website, we produce social media imagery for Facebook, animation/video production and editing, animated infocommercials for YouTube, and provide print design support for banners, displays, signage, whatever the client needs. (We have decades of print production experience.)

Recent Work Examples

Educational Content: Reach the World

Another SMART&FUN website built for the non-profit Reach the World, through our partnership with Young Mind Interactive, showcasing their partnership with the exciting Weddell Sea Expedition 2019, an Antarctic expedition to explore the area and locate Shackleton’s lost ship ‘Endurance’. Classrooms track the journey’s progress through the website and download its educational content.

One of the wonderful by-products of developing educational content is the opporunity to develop games, coloring books and mazes for kids. These downloadable/printable PDFs were a hit with Teachers.

Games, Mazes, & Coloring Sheets

Content Marketing: Active Properties

Dangerous Media creates WACKY IMAGES for longtime Boulder Real Estate Broker Active Properties. After building the "ActProp" Website, Dangerous Media developed several years' worth of humorous social media content designed to brand Active properties as Unique and Memorable.

Our efforts on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK to make "Shirley the Cow" a household name - if only in Boulder - gave ActProp the marketing edge over their competition in this very tight marketplace. Among our content services to Active properties were Photoshop Retouching, Signage and Banner Design, Brand and Product Placement, YouTube Videos and advertising creative and media management for their Google AdWords and Facebook accounts.

Recent Work Examples

Design: Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park

Dangerous Media (through Young Mind Interactive) provides character design, APP development, print and interactive design production services to Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park, a non-Profit organization dedicated to advance the protection and preservation of this natural and cultural resouerce. We provide them with Content Support for their WEBSITE, Social Media Content, RANGER HAWKSBILL APP Content and print design and production services.

A recent special animation project was created on the iPad using the APP Procreate and Adobe Premiere as part of a benefit gala for the Virgin Islands National Park.

Recent Work Examples

Advertising & Marketing Design: "Thanks Alot NYC"

Dangerous Media provides digital design production support for a young Fashion startup called Thanks Alot, based in New York City. We create social media advertising and website support for their Shopify Store "ThanksAlotNYC.COM"

SEO & Content Marketing: The Group For Women

Dangerous Media provides Social Media Marketing and Content Development Services to The Group For Women, a large practice of physicians and healthcare workers devoted to the care of women, including all aspects of gynecology, infertility and obstetrics in Norfolk, VA.

We maintian their WordPress Website, research vetted women's health articles to post to their Facebook Page, and provide content by request for their online promotions.

Recent Work Examples

Book Project: "God is in the Crowd"

Dangerous Media created the intricate illustration for this best-selling book by Tal Keinan. Using Adobe Photoshop to individually place each sblue speck into it's specific location. The challenge was to develop an image that looked like a spiral galaxy with stars being flung out into space as the force of centric gravity pulls on those same stars, creating a hint of the Star of David. A promotional WordPress website was also built to help support sales efforts.

Recent Work Example

Book Project: "Noors New Pride"

Dangerous Media provided book cover design, layouts and production support to author Ella Keinan for her multi-lingual illustrated children's book "Noor's New Pride". The editorial/management challenge was to guide the new author through the process of managing an Arabic illustrator who provided artworks and editorial graphics in arabic and english, and then help the author through the process of getting her books onto AMAZON.com using the KINDLE DIRECT PUBLISHING system. (We have quite a bit of experience with building EBooks too!)

Recent Work Example