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Creative Content Services:
Helping our clients' meet their online and social media goals.
National Geographic Kids Magazine
Customized Content Developed for Advertisers
Client: National Geographic Kids' Magazine

Dangerous Media was commissioned to design and illustrate two games sponsored by their client Froot Loops, in a spread on the inside of National Geographic Kids Magazine. After running the monthly animation production of the magazine's NGKClubhouse.com for over 2 years, it was a refreshing print challenge.

Froot Loops Mazes NGK Clubhouse

Shore Search
Reef Maze
This Wacky Ad Experiment ran for over two and a half years and drew over 150,000 visitors. (FLASH)

Non-Profit Branding, Website Design, FLASH Geography Game
Client: Reach the World

Reach the World's mission to build a pipeline of globally-competent students and educators and redesign geography education for the 21st Century was extremely appealing. The website and GeoGames developement was funded by the National Geographic Society Education Foundation and based on research at Teachers College, Columbia University. Dangerous Media is proud to have been a co-producer of both the Reach the World website and GeoGames.   Reach the World

A fabulously fun Flash game that lets you drag-and-drop geographic features onto the Planet Earth. You can rotate your planet, test your geography skills, build a map and print a copy when you are done! There’s a timer, so you can track your scores.


GeoGames played on the SMART BoardWatch GeoGames played
on a SMART Board>

Learn more about GeoGames>

Services provided: WebDesign, Content, Advertising, & Social Media Management

Dangerous Media has been working with Bernadette Castro for the past three years to help expand her brand presense and to increase online sales through her own branded website.

After an intitial surge in visitor traffic using current Search Engine Optimization practices, and supported by a reasonable advertising budget, we created benchmark data for traffic and sales, and measurably increased our sales year-over-year for two years now.

We continue to help Castro Convertibles manage their sales promotions, fulfill their online advertising needs, and manage their Social Media efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, where our client hosts a growing collection of historical assets for this well-liked, trusted brand.



iPad/Mobile-Friendly and SECURE eCommerce website.

Website Design:
Dangerous Media Productions
Development Partner: Powersimple

(WebDesign, Content, Advertising, & Social Media Management)
Client: AquaPro Systems


Dangerous Media is currently retained by AquaPro Systems to elevate the new brand of pool products to a competitive level. Designing the AquaPro Website and developing brand assets was the first task. Developing and executing a series of guerilla marketing strategies, then providing Analytics and Insight on the Website Visitors allowed AquaPro to develop a marketing baseline to measure the pentration of the brand in a very tight, competitive marketplace.

Dangerous Media manages AquaPro's Social Media through it's Facebook presence on a monthly basis, and handle their advertising needs. Besides a few promotional videos, we've also produced a series of PRODUCT VIDEOS for AquaPro Systems.

Left: Home Page for AquaPro Systems. Showcases products, videos, and links to Facebook Page for promotions.

Below: Promotional video - Infommercial created to attract and inform an elusive audience within the Pool Industry.

Below Right: Banner Ads for AquaPro Systems




Client: Sam Edelman Shoes (2007-2009)

Dangerous Media designed and maintained the popular website for successful shoe designer Sam Edelman for several years. With a creative flair, and an eye towards Sam's audience in the world of trendy, hip shoes, this vibrant, interactive showcase for Sam's popular shoes includes a back-end Content Management System built by Powersimple. With a client-side management of site content, and a Store Locator that integrates a client database with Google Maps, helping customers locate Sam's shoes with ease was a breeze.

Development Partner: Powersimple
Services provided: Creative Direction, Content Development, Advertising Strategy
Client: Beliefnet, Inc.

As Creative Director for Beliefnet for its first year and a half, Jeffrey Wiener (pre-Dangerous Media) built an inhouse creative staff that produced content and supplied creative services in support of Beliefnet's marketing, content, and advertising needs. Content included religious holiday features, political and celebrity interviews, religious content, informational products, targeted advertising, PR materials, and investor presentations.

During Jeffrey's tenure at Beliefnet, traffic to the web site had reached 15 million visitors per month. Beliefnet was the darling of the Dot Com scene, a business success story, with numerous raving articles in the national media, and dozens of TV News stories (CNN, NBC, MSNBC, etc.) which celebrated it as "one of the few GOOD things on the web."

Index-style Website Design allowed for multiple channels

Services provided: Online Media Kit, Newsletter Design, ReMarketing Strategy
Client: TheStreet.com

TheStreet.com hired Dangerous Media to help fulfill a large intergrated marketing campaign that included many components. In addition, Dangerous Media produced these EARLY 30-second Flash Animations that ran in Yahoo's Finance Channel, promoting TheStreet.com

30 Second FLASH Commercials for Yahoo Finance Channel (Click to Play)

Online Media Kit

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