Viral Marketing

Dangerous Media Productions creates sticky websites, and unique animations designed to get attention and spread on Social Media. We have a long history making viral content.

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Active Properties

Cliff Daniels, owner of Active Properties, is a longtime Boulder, Colorado Real Estate broker that wanted to cut through the competition flooding his market. He wanted a HUMOROUS and MEMORABLE set of media assets to use throughout the year to promote his unique, friendly brand mascot “Shirley, the Cow”. Dangerous Media developed his website, along with dozens of wacky posts and videos each year, until we reached a level of ROI that satisfied Active Properties goals.

ThanksAlot NYC

ThanksAlot NYC hired Dangerous Media Productions to develop a set of short animated video loops for Facebook and Instagram, using stills and short music clips.

Hocuz Pocuz: Flash Website

Dangerous Media Productions created a music sampler Flash website for this up and coming Rap band.

Web Position Gold: Introduction to SEO Services

Dangerous Media Productions has been working on the Internet since there WAS an Internet. WebPosition Gold was an early provider of SEO services that needed an “Explainer Video” for a topic no one had any idea about. We used Adobe Flash to develop this interactive presentation to explain SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO).

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