About DM

Fueling Your Brand takes experience and technology. We have the knowledge needed to grow your brand.

Experience and Technology

AI-Marketing is here, and we at DM embrace AI tools in our tactics and workflow. But it takes more than technology to succeed as a Brand in a global marketplace that spans dozens of digital platforms reaching every connected screen. In a world where you can target cultural groups and singular geographic locations, knowing who are you speaking to and how to speak to them takes Human Intelligence informed by decades of experience. The Creative Directors and Designers at Dangerous Media have worked in the world’s largest advertising agencies with brands of all sizes, helping them connect with their audience. Experience like that, combined with AI-Marketing Tools, is how we FUEL YOUR BRAND.

DM Founder/Creative Director: Jeffrey Wiener

Jeffrey Wiener has over 45 years of professional experience as a creative director, art director, graphic designer, visual artist, and illustrator. As the lead owner of Dangerous Media, he has been on the innovative edge of eCommerce development and digital marketing and advertising for over 35 years. 

His past clients have included major advertising agencies, design studios, international corporations, global publishing houses, entrepreneurs, entertainers, educational institutions, technology companies and entrepreneurs. Clients have included Disney, Scholastic, The New York Times, PC Magazine, TheStreet.com, National Science Foundation, Sam Edelman Shoes, DeBeers Diamonds, Burger King Corporation, Time Magazine Group, National Geographic. Aside from founding his own agency, Jeffrey Wiener was been employed as a Creative Director for Beliefnet, Outpost.com, and the Sloan Group.

Illustrative portrait of Jeffrey wiener, Creative director at Dangerous Media.