About Dangerous Media Productions

DM is a team of highly creative ad pros working hand-in-hand with AI-empowered marketing pros, and we’re backed by top-notch, production crews around the world when needed. We know how to fuel a brand’s growth online. WE GET THINGS DONE FOR OUR CLIENTS.

DM provides the strategy, tactics, and the creative energy to fuel a brand’s growth online. Our approach to integrating the web and social media with our own digital marketing efforts utilizing SEO and CONTENT DEVELOPMENT sets us apart from other agencies.

DM‘s marketing strategy is designed to generate interest, get clicks, and capture good leads for our clients. We build websites with attractive SEO and creative content that brings in traffic. We offer a full suite of digital production services designed to FUEL YOUR BRAND.

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Creative Director

Jeffrey Wiener has over 45 years as a creative director, art director, graphic designer, visual artist and illustrator. He has been on the leading edge of eCommerce development and online marketing and advertising for over 35 years. He manages clients’ brands on platforms such as Adobe’s Magento, Amazon, Walmart, WIX and WordPress.

His clients include major advertising agencies, design shops, international corporations, global publishing houses, entrepreneurs, entertainers, educational institutions and technology companies. He has been a Creative Director for Beliefnet, Outpost.com, and the Sloan Group. His past clients include National Geographic Kids Magazine, Disney, A&E, New York Times, Scholastic, PC Magazine, Miami Herald, DeBeers Diamonds, and a number of small businesses and start-ups.

Digital Marketing and eCommerce

Zachary Wiener manages digital strategy, SEO, AI Integration, and the content maintenance programs that DM provides for our clients’ Websites, Social Media properties, and for eCommerce platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, WIX, Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) and Amazon.

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